Andreda C.

On March 4, 2016, my son was arrested and charged with aggravated assault in Montgomery County. Around 1am that night 5 men came to my son’s apartment in 2 different vehicles, one stolen along with guns, ski masks and gloves. My son heard them outside and looked from the balcony and saw one of them attempting to steal his car. Afraid and uncertain he grabbed his gun and yelled “get the hell away from my car!” The other 4 guys were heading to his apartment so my son fired 3-4 warning shots with the intention to scare them away. Unfortunately he struck one of them in the chest and they took off.

Not realizing at the time that one of them was hit he went back into the apartment. A couple hours later my son’s apartment was surrounded by state police and detectives. After receiving a phone call from the officers telling him what he had done he was left to surrender, but before he surrendered and afraid to go outside he dismembered the gun because he didn’t want the officers to think he was armed and dangerous.

Four days later we hired criminal defense lawyer James Sullivan to defend my son. That same day James visited my son in the jail and began to investigate his case. My son’s bond was $100,000 and he was a first time offender with a good history and awesome background, however he had gotten into a situation and we needed the best lawyer with a lot of experience and knowledge regarding criminal matters.

James Sullivan asked the prosecutor to hold the case from the grand jury so he could prepare a defense and also fought to get his bond lowered. After 3 court and bond hearings, James got the bond lowered from $100,000 all the way down to $15,000 and then we got him out. James then worked meticulously with my son, prepared and turned in a defense packet and a month later the grand jury dismissed his aggravated assault. However the prosecutor pushed for and got an indictment for tampering with evidence. The next day James went to court and fought to get a low bond on the new case of only $1,500 so that my son would not go back to jail.

We were thrilled to get the aggravated assault charge dismissed because it was the most serious but fully expected him to have to plead to the new charge. However at the next court hearing James Sullivan refused to settle and persuaded the prosecutor to do the right thing and dismiss the tampering charge as well. James knew that my son was not only a first time offender but also a hard working young man that was afraid for his life and simply defended himself and his property. After an almost 6 month ordeal, my son got his life back. I have never personally met Mr. Sullivan. I live several states away, but he handled these cases as if I was a resident in Texas. I am so pleased with his good work that not only would I highly recommend him to others but I will definitely keep him around. Hopefully we will never need his services again but if we do James Sullivan is definitely the man that you can count on to help you and defend you properly.

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