Evelyn S.

After some strong arming by the fire marshall’s office for my son’s felony arson case, I was so nervous and looked up Jim Sullivan. I hired him based on his results, and I could not be happier that I did! He got my son’s case on the next docket, after an attempt at delay from the DA. My son was home within 24 hours after his unnecessary arrest and trumped up charges. Mr. Sullivan got to work, and on my son’s next court date he was given a deferred option that will take this off his record with 6 months of supervised good behavior! Thank you Mr. Sullivan!!

As if that was not enough, Mr. Sullivan sat down with my son and gave him some very good advice about where he should head with his future. My son is now excited to learn more about the areas he mentioned, and I appreciate Mr. Sullivan going beyond his lawyer job description and being a mentor!

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