Grateful Mother

Our 17 year old son who was falsely accused of aggravated sexual assault of a child. My son, my husband and I are truly grateful for your kindness, expertise, hard work and dedication to his case. Our son has Asperger’s syndrome (autism spectrum disorder), ADHD and other learning disabilities. Although I have been divorced from my son’s biological father for 16 years, his father continued to be abusive towards my son when they were together. At the time of the accusation, my son had just turned 17, which meant that he would be charged as an adult and if convicted would have to register as a sex offender for life. This would have destroyed him, our family and those of our other children.

In July 2016, I learned that his biological father and his wife were accusing my son of a serious sex crime against their son. My son is a very honest child. He tells me everything. With his father, he was always scared of him so he would do whatever he said. His father and his stepmom both claimed that my son confessed to this alleged crime against his half-brother who also was autistic and has Prader-Willi syndrome. His half-brother had gotten in trouble at school for inappropriate touching and exposing himself to other children, but instead of figuring out the problem there, my son was accused of a serious sex crime.

In Feb 2017, I received a call from the police dept. I was told that my son had a warrant out for his arrest and to bring him to the county jail. That night I searched the internet and found our angel, Attorney Jim Sullivan. I didn’t know that criminal lawyers had autistic specialties. I read the reviews. I instantly knew that he was it. God sent him to us.

That next day, my husband (his stepdad) and I brought our son in, paid bond, and took him to the county jail. That was a scary nightmare. I immediately called Jim Sullivan. I called, and I was shocked. He answered immediately. We literally spent hours on the phone. He was incredible. I felt as if I was talking to one of my family members. He answered all of my questions. This was one of the most terrifying times in our lives.  We knew our son was innocent, but it didn’t seem to matter to the other parties involved or the law. So many things went wrong in the process while booking him in. He was supposed to be in and out, but he was in jail for 19 hours. Being autistic, that was extremely scary and confusing.

Our son did not understand why his dad would say that he did something so awful and he didn’t understand why when he’s innocent that he was treated like he was. Jim Sullivan was there every second of the process. We met with him the next day. He was amazing.  He truly understood Jade and listened to everything we had to say. He was so kind. His fees were reasonable and he truly, truly cared about our son and freeing him from this nightmare. I believe he put his whole heart into it as if my son was a part of his family. Jim is a unique man and lawyer. He was always there and always had a very quick, if not immediate response, when contacting him. We only had to go to one court one time.

Jim Sullivan and his associate Nancy Botts prepared a very thorough defense packet. In mid-April 2017, our case went to the grand jury. That afternoon we got a call from Jim saying his case was no billed (dismissed).

Those of you who are reading this, don’t look any further. Jim Sullivan is THE one. It was one of these reviews that made me know that he was the one. Jim always knew that our son was innocent and although this was an extremely difficult case, Jim did it. He freed our son of this horrific crime, gave him his life back, and freed him of his father for good. I have dealt with other lawyers. There is no one out there like this man. Look no further. Call Jim Sullivan.

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