Mr. Sullivan represented my son and I cannot be more thankful that I found him! He was able to work out a surprisingly good plea bargain for my son. My son was an addict and had committed a series of robberies over a 3-month period in order to get money for drugs after losing his job. He passed a note to a cashier, saying he had a gun (which he did not have), and demanded money, which was given to him. He thought he had solved his cash-flow problem. So, he repeated his robbery, several times. But of course, he got caught. He was charged with 2 armed robberies and a simple robbery. The only reason he wasn’t charged with 3 armed robberies was because he had been chased from the scene of his last robbery, caught with the money he had taken, but did not have a gun.

However, in the news, I saw a shocking story about my son that claimed he was the person of interest in a dozen robberies. It was just going to be a matter of time before more charges were brought against my son. However, I found Mr. Sullivan’s website, and sent him an email in the middle of the night, and he answered. He showed up early the next morning to re-set the first court appearance of my son. Over the next 3 months, he continued to work for my son, eventually getting a surprisingly lenient plea bargain. My son admitted guilt to 2 simple robberies and was sentenced to 7 years in TDC. He will be eligible for parole in about 10 months, if he is an exemplary prisoner. Further, part of the plea bargain was that no other charges would be brought forth.

Had a dozen armed robbery charges been brought forward, there is a good chance my son would have been in prison the rest of his life! The minimum sentence for one armed robbery is 20 years. But, of the 3 charges already on the books, the simple robbery charge was dropped entirely, and the 2 armed robbery charges were reduced from armed robbery to simple robbery. (Simple robbery does not carry nearly as harsh penalties as armed robbery.) Without Mr. Sullivan working on the case, I doubt that would have happened. Maybe you are thinking my son should be in jail for life. But when you get to know the story behind the story, you don’t feel that way. My son is not going to be an addict the rest of his life. And he didn’t break the law when he wasn’t an addict. He is a person who needed help to recover. Now he has that chance. He really wants to and wants to start going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings as soon as he is in a place where they have them. He has told me that he feels that “doing time” has saved his life, and Mr. Sullivan has made it possible for him to enjoy it again someday.

I will continue to pray for Mr. Sullivan. He is the most genuinely compassionate person I have ever met!

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