Mary M

Superb Lawyer!

In August 2013, our family entered into the hardest trial and hardship of our lives to date when our teenage son was accused of fondling his younger sister and later arrested for indecency with a child. Our world was shaken, turned upside down and inside out. During a time like this, you feel vulnerable and helpless. We searched high and low for a good attorney. We found Mr. Jim Sullivan. Words could never express the gratitude we have for Mr. Sullivan. He helped us through a gut-wrenching ordeal. Dealing with a legal process that you are completely oblivious about is a scary situation. Seeing your son in orange and handcuffs, is indescribable.

The peace of mind that Mr. Sullivan brought to us was immeasurable. He was there whenever we needed him. He got us the results we hoped for and was completely understanding and discreet about our situation. We cannot recommend him enough or sing his praises enough to ever repay him for what he did for our son and for us. If you need help, talk to him and let him lead and guide you through, what is surely, a most difficult and trying time. I promise, you will not be disappointed. ~A Mormon mother in Harris County

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