Melody R.

I issue my highest recommendation to Attorney Jim Sullivan, who proved to be an honest, hard-working professional that thoroughly defended my ex-husband and friend, Johnny, when he found himself in bleak circumstances. Johnny was charged with aggravated assault nine days after he shot a man in self-defense when the man broke into his home.
On March 16, 2016, Johnny visited me, and told me that he was very concerned that a former friend and neighbor he had allowed to stay at his house for a few days was acting erratic and hostile, and that household items were missing. He said he only allowed Kyle to stay at his house to keep him from being arrested following a family argument. Due to his concerns, Johnny said that morning he repeatedly asked Kyle to leave, then told him to leave by 5:00 pm, but Kyle was still there when Johnny went home after work. I suggested he tell the man to leave one more time, and then to call the police if he refused to go.
Around 10:00 p.m. that night Johnny dialed the police after Kyle verbally threatened him and again refused to leave. Once the police were called, Kyle did exit the house, and Johnny locked all the doors. Witnesses outside the house verified that Kyle returned minutes later, beat on the front door, yelled threats, and then entered the house through the garage and then doggie door. Kyle had apparently disabled the garage door lock. Johnny, 53, was disabled from a duty-related accident that left one leg slightly crooked and held together with titanium rods. In addition, a motorcycle accident the previous year left him unable to form a complete fist on his writing hand and he had a titanium elbow. The bottom line was that Johnny could not run and he could not defend himself. Therefore, in self-defense, he shot Kyle in the upper chest when he got within a foot of him, fists up and yelling. Police came, Kyle was taken for treatment, and initially Kyle told the police that he was at fault and did not want to press charges.
However, nine days later Kyle pressed charges and my friend, who was a former Air Force K-9 Security Officer and a member of the Patriot Guard, was arrested. After Johnny posted a bond, he missed his first court date because he wasn’t notified of it. He then contacted Mr. Sullivan, who took his case even though he could not pay him right away and managed to get his bond re-instated. Sadly, the day before the new court date Johnny was on his way to get a loan on his motorcycle to pay the attorney when he was involved in another motorcycle accident. Mr. Sullivan kept working on Johnny’s case even though Johnny was hospitalized for 23 days and consequently lost his job.
Johnny remarked on how much time and effort Mr. Sullivan took to gather witness statements and to write a persuasive defense packet for the grand jury. He visited Johnny multiple times at the hospital and at his home, and took photographs of the house to give the grand jury a clear idea of how events unfolded. He gave Johnny hope that things would get better. As a direct result of Mr. Sullivan’s efforts, Johnny’s aggravated assault case was no billed.
Although his health worsened and Johnny passed away a few weeks ago, he was vindicated in defending himself in his own home. Johnny died at home in his own bed, a free man.
I fully recommend Mr. Sullivan as a fair, thorough attorney for anyone who finds themselves in a difficult situation, and needs help and hope. Thank you Jim for helping my friend.

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