Being falsely accused of a crime is a very dramatic experience. In my case, a family member accused me of assaulting a minor and they pushed very hard to get me charged. When they finally got a DA to take felony charges 10 months after the alleged crime, I did some research and hired James Sullivan. He met with me a day after calling him and began to meticulously outline my defense. He interviewed the witnesses, then put together a very strong defense packet for the Grand Jury which included detailed statements from witnesses that stated there was no contact with the minor and witnesses that heard my family member coaching the child on how to lie to the police and DA.

The Grand Jury no-billed my case and the case was removed from my record. Going through a criminal case is a very scary and stressful experience. I can say that any fears or questions I had were just a phone call or an email away from being answered by Mr. Sullivan. He was always available to discuss my case and explain the criminal process, and let me know step by step how we were going to win my case. I would highly recommend James Sullivan with any of your criminal defense needs.

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