Raj Nepal

First and foremost, few people ever have to deal with the criminal circumstances in life. Life is uncertain, and unexpected things happen. But if you have attorney like James Sullivan on your side, your anxiety should either lessen or stop all together.

My life shattered into pieces when my wife called the police on me for a small argument. When the police arrived at the house, she falsely accused me of chocking her and beating her. I was taken to jail. After I posted bond, the first thing I had to do was to find the” best of the best” attorney in Houston. After careful reviews, I found Mr. Sullivan to be an excellent Attorney choice for my case.

What makes Mr. James (Jim) Sullivan the best –of the best?

I contacted him directly to his personal cellphone. He scheduled me a time slot. Even after the schedule, he was very willing to listen to my side of the story. We spent about 30min discussing the case. When I reached his office the same day for a sit down, he was able to share a lot of his personal detail, which was very nice of him to describe himself and also get to know me better. From our hour long conversation, I came out very confident of my case.

He is a very strategic guy. He suggested various strategies to tackle my case. I followed all his recommendations and he was always there to listen to me. He was available at any time of the day through text, email, and cellphone.

On my case, I was initially assigned a court appointed attorney. After discussing my case with Mr. Sullivan, he took over the case on 23rd of January. With all our team work and his creative mind, he was able to get the case dismissed by the Grand Jury on 23rd of February (one month exactly – Case Dismissed – Outstanding Job – Very Impressive). I am very pleased with Mr. Sullivan’s Work ethics, communication, strategies, and personal skills.

Again, I would like to thank Mr. Sullivan for his help in making my life normal again!!

And out there, whoever is lost deciding an Attorney to choose from a crowd, Pick Mr. Sullivan, and I assure you that he will do his best to give you, your outstanding results.

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