Yo Daddy

Best Juvenile Attorney in Houston!!!!  I wanted to say Thank you so much for what you did for our son and our family. Our son was being charged with a felony and this could have wrecked his entire life. He was doing a favor for someone he considered a friend, and for that was not thinking straight. Mr. Sullivan met with us, spoke to our son for almost 2 hours getting to know him, listening to the whole story and really caring about our son’s future. He really does understand these kids and understands how a mistake should not cost them their future. Mr. Sullivan took our case and ran with it full speed.

After sitting all day in court and watching all the other lawyers and cases, we felt very confident and relaxed knowing we were in good hands. When our son’s case came up Mr. Sullivan approached the judge with the prosecutor, told his story and explained the circumstances around this mistake he made. The judge immediately ruled in our favor and our son never even had to go before the judge. For this we will be forever grateful that Mr. Sullivan believed in our son’s future, knowing he is a good kid and deserved another chance. Hands down we are confident to say Mr. Sullivan is the Best Juvenile Attorney in Houston!!

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